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Been a while since we had a news post so lets catch up:

With Gary Ross officially dropping out as director of Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games, the web was all buzzy in regards as to who will helm the next film in the franchise. One of the weirder suggestions that bubbled up happened to be genre god David Cronenberg. Cronenberg, for his part hasn't commented on the rumors. It would be interesting to see how a horror community that crucified the first film, reacts if one of their tent poles steps into the directors chair.

The remake of Carrie starring the awesome Chloe Grace Moretz, has been scheduled to hit theaters March 15, 2013. It's interesting to see the backlash for this film. Carrie is one of the few great horror films that it seems would lend itself to a decent remake or "reimagining." Although other attempts have been made and they have been laughable at best. The original does show its age a bit, so why not let someone new have a hack at it. The key is going to be who's cast as Carries mother played so hauntingly by Piper Laurie in the Brian DePalmas original.

Depending on how you felt about the first two this next piece of news may delight or annoy you. Me I'm feeling "eh." Kane Hodder let it slip that he'll be flying to Louisiana this week to begin filming "Hatchet 3." I loved the original, the second, not so much, but we'll see what happens with the third. Given the time frame I'm guessing we can expect to see this on DVD/VOD come October.

I don't really consider Robocop a horror film, but here goes. It appears that some rather big names seem to be circling the remake, namely Ed Norton and Sean Penn. Rumors are just that rumors, so take these with a grain of salt.

Back in 2007, "The Strangers" became a surprising little hit of a film. Because it's the horror genre, one would have expected there to be three or four sequels by now. That hasn't been the case for "The Strangers" however. Don't fret though, Bloody-Disgustings Evan Dickson caught up with "Strangers" producers Aaron Ryder and Mark D. Evans on their press tour for "The Raven" with some questions about the sequel. Apparently the sequel is in the works, with the film looking like it's going to get moving this fall, but again it's Hollywood, so take it for what its worth. The entire article can be found here.

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