Top 5 Horror News Items Of the Day

  1. Bloody-Disgusting, via author Neil Gaiman, had a great recap of what Stephen King has up his sleeve. The first being his sequel to "The Shining" dubbed "Dr. Sleep." The master of horror also revealed today that he is prepping a book about "an amusement part serial killer." King has many other projects in the pipeline away from the written word as well, adaptations of "The Dark Tower" series and his mega novel "Under the Dome" are also in the works as is Ben Afflecks adaptation of the King classic "The Stand.
  2. Twitter was all, well, a twitter over the announcement regarding the up coming Blu-Ray release of Jaws. Slated for release on August 14th here in the States, the set is chocked full of extras. Head to Amazon or wherever you peruse your upcoming releases to check it out.
  3. Ti West will follow up his brilliant film "The Innkeepers" with an adaptation of Ben Winters best selling novel "Bedbugs." Not having read the book, the plot summary can be found here. It sounds a bit like the 2006 Ashley Judd vehicle "Bug." West has enough rope with me he could sign up to direct the fourth Chipmunks movie and I would be stoked for it. So count me in on this one.
  4. Director Gary Ross announced today he's not going to be around for the sequel to the mega-hit "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire." Ross cited scheduling conflicts as his reason for passing on the film, stating because of the studios desire for s fast turn around he doesn't think he will have enough time to develop the project as he seems fit. This is something that may upset those that are waiting with baited breath for the next film in the series, as Ross has already pulled out and star Jennifer Lawrence is facing a conflict in shooting with the next X-Men film.
  5. Congrats to Lauren Cohen, the only member of the Walking Dead cast I find even remotely attractive, on her promotion to a full time cast member. Having not read the graphic novels I have no idea if Maggie is a large part of the series going forward or not, but she has certainly handled herself well since joining the cast early this past season.

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