News Items Of The Day

Top 5 News Items of the Day

The top 5 Horror News Items of the day, distilled to their simplest form for your consumption:

  1. Are you a fan of Jason X (that's the one with him in space)? Do you live in the greater L.A. Area? Well if you answered "yes" to both of those questions feel free to join Jason X writer Todd Farmer at the Cinefamily theater for a screening this Friday the 13th.
  2. With Deiter Laser dropping out of the third installment of "The Human Centipede" it appears that director Tom Six is pursuing genre fave Udo Keir to replace Laser. Laser played surgeon "Dr. Heiter" in the first film of Six's apparent trilogy.
  3. Bloody-Disgusting posted this preview of the new John Cusak film 'The Raven." Looks Like a cool Hammer-esque flick. Will You see it?
  4. I may have hated it, but the Oren Peli lost in the Amazon series "The River" looks to get a fairly quick DVD turn around. The recently wrapped first season of the show will hit shelves May 22nd with tons of extras.
  5. Variety reports that Blair Witch director Eduardo Sanchez (and don't you think he's rather sick of THAT tagline by this point) is tackling the Bigfoot legend in his next project "Exists." The project, already cast, begins shooting this week. There is no word on distribution at this point.

All news reports compiled from various sources unless expressly stated.

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