Murray Teases 'Ghostbusters 3'....Again

Well Bill Murray seems to be stirring the 'Ghostbusters' pot yet again. A couple of months after Dan Aykroyd declared the third installment all but dead due to Murrays lack of interest, Murray seems to have given the project at least a small ray of hope. In an interview with Chicago Superstation WGN Murray stated "Well, it's a possibility" in referance to a question about reuniting with the 'Ghostbusters' gang.

We've been down this road before with Murray. I love the guy, he is a comedy icon, but jesus christ - shit or get off the pot. There are folks (myself included) that would kill close relatives to see this film happen. Murrays constant blue balling of the public when it comes to the film is getting tired and frankly makes him look like a bit of a dick. You're in or your out - stop assing around.

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