Just In Case You Missed It:

Just In Case You Missed It: Yesterdays Big Stories-

Lionsgate announced the would be producing a found footage Frankenstein film directed by the quartet known only as "Radio Vulture". The group has gained some buzz in recent months due to their segment in the up coming horror anthology V/H/S. the film titled "The Reawakening" was written by Luke Dawson (Shutter) and is described by Vulture magazine as "equal parts 'Flatliners' and 'Mary Shelleys Frankenstein'. It's just one of a number of Frankensteins monster related films being produced at this time.

Scary Movie 5 finally has a director! I know you all were worried. Still being  co-written by Mark Zucker (Scary Movies 3 & 4), the film will officially be directed by Malcolm Lee who previously directed 'Roll Bounce' and 'Undercover Brother'. Lee will also serve as Zuckers co-writer. There is no word on any of the the cast which had been announced previous to Lee being named.

Bloody-Disgusting posted the first official trailer from the upcoming British horror film 'Piggy'. It seems pretty damn cool. Check it out below and look for the full length flick on DVD on May 21st. A brief synopsis of the film can be found here.


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