Horror at the Box Office Report 4/29

A quick recap of the goings on regarding the horror movies at your local cineplex this past week:

 The Hunger Games continued its strong run, coming in third adding another 11.5 million dollars to its overall total. Currently the film sits at number 17 on the all time box office list right behind 'Spiderman 2'. It's grossed over 375 million domestically and almost 590 million world wide.

The heavily promoted John Cusak vehicle The Raven opened softly earning a mere 7.3 million dollars. The film opened in 7th place. With a budget of 25 million, without some strong oversees business it will struggle to make its original budget back.

The Joss Wheedon penned horror satire "The Cabin In The Woods" held not eh the top ten, coming in at number 10. With its 4.5 million this week, the film has grossed 34.7 million domestically and over 45 million world wide. The film is already extremely profitable tripping it's budget of 15 million.

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