A Friday Full Of Fridays : Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Welcome to a Friday Full Of Fridays! In celebration of Friday April 13th, 2012, here at DreadWorld we are going to take a look at each film from the franchises initial run (meaning we are going to ignore Freddy v. Jason and the Remake). I'll be posting a short review, a reviewette if you will, every hour on this momentous day. The posts willbe in reverse order of awesomeness, meaning we will be counting backwards from, what I believe to be the worst film in the series, to the film I believe to be the best. Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Lets get started shall we?

Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Part IV promised to be the "final Friday," we know how that turned out. When last we left Jason, he was being hacked to shreds by a shaven headed, and possibly crazy, Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman). The kicker at the end of part IV leads us to believe that Tommy may pick up where Jason left off. If only we were so lucky. Instead we get this abortion of a film. Tommy Jarvis is now grown (which would have this film take place in the mid 90's chronologically - don't hurt your heads thinking about it, there is much more wrong here) and in a very lax mental institution led by the guy who gives Indiana Jones his hat in the third Indy movie. He's bothered by visions and dreams of Jason, as one would expect. He's also mostly mute and incredibly violent which one might not expect. Tommy is set up as a red herring from the get go, but much like Jasons victims that red herring is dispatched rather quickly as people start dieing that Tommy could never have killed.

So Jasons back right? He never died, it was a dream or something. Well, no. That would be something we might be able to buy into. No, this time the killing is done by Roy the ambulance driver. Who, you may ask? See Roys secret kid is hacked to death at Tommys mental institution and Roy kind of snaps. He takes on the Jason Voorhees M.O. and people start to think Jason is back. It doesn't sound to bad until you realize you are watching a Friday the 13th movie without Jason Voorhees! One can almost understand Roys actions if they were solely honed on the people responsible for his sons death. Instead Roys just kills everybody, and I mean everybody. Some greasers, the rednecks next door, Reggies brother and girlfriend, some random folks in a diner, the boom mic guy, the AD - everybody.

Leaps of logic in this series area given, you can usually overlook them when you have a decent supporting cast and some fun kills. Unfortunately "A New Blood" features the worst collection of actors in the entire series. John Shepard is "emo" Tommy Jarvis. He's timid, scared, and dealing with his feelings. Ugh. We are also treated to all around pain in the ass "Reggie the Reckless" and his wanna be Rick James brother. The females in the cast do provide some ample boobage, but other than that they are pretty worthless.

Director Danny Steinmann has gone on record as saying this MPAA gutted this film, something all Friday directors seem to complain about. MPAA fiddling or not, no amount of blood and gore can fix this mess. From the bad acting to the Scooby Doo type ending, the series doesn't get any worse, it comes close a couple of times, but this is the pinnacle, or reverse pinnacle, of the Friday series.

Check back next hour to see what will be next as we (slowly) move up the ladder in the Friday franchise.

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