'Catching Fire' has a Director?

The Hollywood Reporter is, well reporting, that Lionsgate has decided to offer the directors chair to the 'Hunger Games' sequel 'Catching Fire' to 'Constantine ' and 'I Am Legend' director Francis Lawrence. There has been much speculation surrounding the position since 'Games' director Gary Ross bowed out of the project citing schedule conflicts. Sexier names such as David Cronenberg, Alfonso Curon and even ti west have been bandied about. I t appears as though scheduling had a lot to do with Lionsgates decision. The studio is looking for a fall 2013 release and Lawrence reportedly has an opening to concentrate on the film.

Color me a bit disappointed. As a horror fan I was hoping to see a Cronenberg take up the case. Lawrence will do an adequate job, but he's certainly not the buzzy, sexy pick a lot of folks were hoping for.

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