The Walking Dead : Beside the Dying Fire

And here we stand on the precipice of another season being over...

Last week, Rick shot Shane and frankly he deserved it.

Three major things happened during tonights season finale. The first being Ricks pained confession that he killed Shane in cold blood. Shane's antics had gone from being decanting to antagonistic. Rick reveals that he believes Shane deliberately set him up, leading him to the field, knowing only one man would survive. Rick acknowledges he knew what Shane was doing and let the scenario play out on purpose, knowing he would have to kill Shane. Ricks motives are justified, but as we learned later, not everyone will see it that way.

Rick also came clean regarding the message that Dr. Jenner whispered in his ear during last seasons finale. Rick finally tells the group that they all carry the virus. It no longer matters how you die, bit by a walker or not, you will come back as a walker. This pissed off a lot of folks in the group. Ricks reasoning is sound though. Jenner was kind of a nut. He wasn't sure Jenner was telling the truth until he saw Shane re-animate before his eyes. Again, the though process makes sense, everyone is so scared to begin with, why add to their paranoia until you absolutely know it's the truth.

The third and most important thing moving forward for the series is Rick seizing total control of the group. It starts out rather understated, with Carol of all people beginning to sow the seeds of descention with Daryl. Lori is pissed over the Shane situation and turns her back on her husband. Glenn and Maggie start questioning Ricks authority. Ricks had enough, between the sniping behind his back and the lack of faith that everyone is displaying, he tells everyone he is now in control and if they don't like it they can walk. No one takes him up on the offer. He reaffirms this is no longer a democracy, and Ricks journey to the dark(er) side is now complete.

There were a few other important revelations tonight. Andrea is separated from the group and gets rescued in the forest by a mysterious hooded figure. The last shot of the season is a slow pan up to the prison, the epicenter of next seasons action. A couple minor characters bit the dust tonight as well. Little seen Jimmy drove the RV that rescued Rick and Carl from the burning barn, but didn't last too much longer than that. His death was bloody and gruesome as he became Zombie fodder. Much like Hershels least important daughter, Patricia. She failed to survive the run from the house to the vehicles.

The season certainly ended on a high note. The last run of episodes, really since the break that signaled the start to the second half of the season, was as good as, if not better than the first season. I certainly felt this seasons finale was more satisfying than last seasons. Maybe it was just the bad CG from the CDC explosion that left a bad taste in my mouth last year. That being said, there is certainly plenty to look forward to and get excited about for next season. Between Andreas hooded savior, the Governor, rumors of Merle coming back and life around the prison are all sure to make next year another winner.

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