The Walking Dead : Triggerfinger

Previously on The Walking last weeks review.

We open this week on Lori, unconscious, in her overturned car. A walker is frenetically trying get to her. That leads up to ... the credits!

Before we can get anywhere new, we have to deal with the fallout from last weeks episode. Herschel and Glenn are stunned that Rick shot Dave and Tony. Rick suggests the quicker they get out of there the better. But first, lets rummage though their pockets and look for loose change. While rummaging, other people approach the bar. Of course, they are looking for Dave and Tony. Rick and his gang keep quiet at first, but eventually Rick breaks. He informs the strangers that their friends are dead but it wasn't really Ricks fault. The friends are having none of it and begin to lay seige to the bar.

Back at the farm it's dinner time. Everyone shows up but Lori. People realize shes missing. Daryl, who's been acting really crabby, informs everyone that Lori wanted him to go look for Rick and co. but he declined. She must have gone herself he hypothesizes. Shane hops in the Lexus and takes off looking for Lori.

She's awoken by this time and after a pretty cool battle with a walker whose trying to shove his face though a busted window, she escapes the vehicle. Beset upon by yet another walker, she decides to grab the gun she had in the car. She quickly takes care of her latest pursuer and begins to walk towards town. Shane finds Loris wrecked car and a couple dead walkers but no Lori.

Rick has a plan to escape the bar. Glenn is going to get the car while Herschel covers him. Glenn is pretty spooked though, so we'll see how this turns out. He gets outside someone shoots at him and he drops to the ground. Herschel shoots the guy that shot at Glenn, but doesn't kill him. He's is not sure whether Glenn has been shot or not. Glenn is laying motionless behind the dumpster as Rick shows up. Turns out Glenn is O.K. Rick runs to help him, as the walkers devour the guy that Herschel shot. Pretty cool stuff as they bite his face off and eat it while he's still alive. The bar assailants decide that the walkers are just getting too close to deal with and decide to take off. They apparently had a guy on the roof, he tries to jump down and impales his leg on a wrought iron fence. The others leave him. Rick decides that they can't do that though. Herschel attempts to remove the leg, but the walkers are converging on them too fast. Rick has had enough of this shit and rips the kids leg off the fence.

Shane finds Lori wandering down the middle of the road. She insists they have to go find Rick. Shane lies and tells her that they guys are already back. When they get back though, Lori quickly learns that Shane is a liar. Shane brings up the baby infront of Carl, who apparently didn't know about it. He's pretty cool with it though. If its a girl he want to name it Sophia after the dead zombie girl. How sweet.

Darryl and Carol continue to have small moments together. She tries to tell him that she cares for him, but he's being a real dick to her. He feels that he's just wasting his time and gets all crazy psychologist on her. She lets him get it out of his system.

Lori and Shane get into it a bit. She thinks he lies about a lot of stuff, including the circumstances surrounding Otis' death. Shane says all the lying was to protect Lori and Carl because he loves Lori. She tells him he's wrong. He forces her to confront the feeling she had for him when she thought Rick was dead.

Beth is still comatosed. No one has any answers. Maggie tells a cute story about Beth and Maggies birth control to Andrea. We are just going to wait for Herschel here apparently.

Dale continues to suspect Shane is a dirt bag and wants to talk to Andrea about it. She tells him he's full of shit. They are loading up when Rick and crew finally show up. They have brought back the guy from the fence, his name is Randall. The plan is to fix the leg best they can and then release him back to the wild. Shane thinks this is a stupid plan. All Randall's going to do is bring the rest of his group back to the farm for a fight. Rick insists that since Randall is blindfolded that would never happen. Andrea and Shane have a moment where they realize they are on the same team and both don't like Rick.

Glenn is acting weird towards Maggie. He tells her that he loves her too, but his feelings are turning him into a pussy. He wasn't shot but hid behind the dumpster because he didn't want to die and make Maggie upset.

Shane is again being an asshole (of course). Herschel verbally punks him out in front of everyone which you know only pisses Shane off more. Maggie is pissed at Herschel for abandoning them and going drinking. Herschel is like bitch please, we have bigger fish to fry.

Rick and Lori undress each other in the tent, but it's not like what you are thinking. Lori really needs to talk to Rick about Shane and how insane he is. Rick tries to give Shane the benefit of the doubt. Lori tells him that Shane thinks the kid is his (Shanes) and will kill Rick if he thinks he has to. Rick is none to pleased with that idea.

Next Week...Rick and Shane throw down!

Great episode this week. The gore is back. There felt like there was a lot more scope this week than any other show this season. The three different story lines, the bar, Lori and the farm really did stretch things out and kept it a lot more broad than going from one part of the farm to another. After the monster ratings last weeks show did, I wouldn't be surprised if this one beats it, by far the best show of the season and maybe of the series.

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