The Walking Dead: Season 2 "Nebraska"

After a very slow and "talkie" first half of season two, AMCs Walking Dead lumbers into the second half of the season. The advance buzz for the rest of the season promised more action. It promised more zombies, and finally it promised that Rick, Shane, and the rest of the rag tag group will leave Hershel's farm. Just not this week.

We pick up at the exact point the first half of the season ended. Rick just shot little zombie Sophia and everyone is standing around in stunned disbelief. They begin to wade through the mass of dead human flesh around them when Herschels undead wife lunges at Glenn and Beth. Andrea quickly puts a pick axe through her head before she can inflict any more damage.

it's decided they will bury the people they loved and burn the ones they don't. Meanwhile, Herschel seems to have disappeared. Which comes at a real bad time because his daughter Beth has just collapsed in the kitchen. Maggie reveals the Herschel at one time was a major practicing alcoholic and may be down at the local watering hole. Over protests from both Lori and Maggie, Rick and Glenn decide to fetch Herschel. Maggie decides this is an opportune time to tell Glenn she loves him. Glenn is a guy, so he has no idea how to deal with this.

They arrive at the bar and sure enough they find Herschel knee deep in the drink. He's more embarrassed then anything. Embarrassed he's been caught drinking and even more embarrassed he thought the undead could be cured. Rick assures them that in this crazy world they are living in, there is no right and wrong. Herschel begs to differ. Their philosophical disagreement is interrupted when Dave and Tony, two guys who met outside of Philly burst into the bar. They've been heading south, chasing the same rumors as Rick and his group. To say Dave and Tony are a little rough around the edges would be an understatement. The men trade info with Rick and Glenn as Herschel mumbles drunkenly in the background.

Back at the farm, Dale tells Lori he's pretty sure Shane killed Otis to save himself. Lori thinks he's crazy. Carl informs his mother that he would have shot Sophia in the head just like Rick did. Loris not too keen on that statements. Beth seems to be getting worse. Lori decides someone needs go fetch the guys who where sent to fetch Herschel. That someone is her. Of course, she has no idea where shes going and hits a walker with the car. She looses control and flies over an embankment in a great Dukes Of Hazzard level crash.

At the bar things aren't going any better. Dave and Tony are insisting on joining Rick and Herschel at the farm. Rick tells them it would be a bad idea. He suggests they go to Nebraska, having heard there might be hope out that way. Dave and Tony are none too happy with this suggestion and suggest pistols at dawn. Rick decides dawn is too far away and shoots both of the dead in the bar.

If this was the episode you were looking to to end the series stationary feeling, then you will be extremely disappointed. There is still a 75/25 split between talking and action. Give them some credit for getting a couple characters at least, off the farm. As always, the acting is superb. If there is one thing you can't critsize the series for its poor acting. One of the things I noticed this episode, and it's a testament to Andrew Lincoln, who's British and playing the distinctly southern Rick. You never hear his accent come through, even when excited or yelling. It's something Joe Anderson, of The River, also British, should take note of.

Next week: It looks like Dave and Tony weren't traveling alone, and their companies are well armed. plus, what's going on with Lori? I bet there is a walker involved!

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