Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

Previously on the Walking Dead...People shoot zombies, people shoot people, everyone hates Shane, Shane hates everyone...

Coming soon on the Walking Dead (as in about 30 minutes)...Shane and Rick are fighting off a hoard of walkers...but first...it's the credits....

We open (for real this time) with Rick and Shane driving Randall out to the middle of nowhere to drop him off. Rick stops at an intersection because he and Shane need to talk ( intersection, symbolism?...I get it). Rick lets Shane know who's in charge. Shane does a half hearted mea culpa and they move on. Rick wants to find a spot that gives the kid a fighting chance.

Lori and Maggie dish a little about Glenn. Lori brings Beth some breakfast and words of encouragement. Beth wants neither. Instead she tries to steal the dinner knife in hopes of slashing her wrists. Lori is pissed and tells Maggie that her sister wants to kill herself. Needless to say Maggie is not happy either. Beth proposes a suicide pact with Maggie. You can imagine how well this went over.

Rick and Shane decide stabbing is better than shooting in most cases because it saves bullets. Rick decides he wants to drop the kid off at an old school or something, whereever it is, there is a bus. Rick stabs a couple walkers in the head as per the new company policy and they drop the kid. Rick leaves a knife just out of his reach to add insult to injury. The kid begs them not to let him go. He says he knows Maggie and the farm (Maggie's farm...it's a Bob Dylan reference, look it up kids). Now that he knows where they are holed up Shane wants to kill him immediately. Rick stops him and tells him that he has to think about it. Rick and Shane rumble big time with Shane getting the best of Rick for most of the fight. Inevitable, like all good guys, Rick hulks up and makes a comeback. Shane tries to use a giant wrench to gain the advantage but winds up throwing it through the school window...the school filled with walkers...this will not end well. The walkers rush out after Rick and co. trapping Shane in the afore mentioned bus.

Back on the farm...Andrea tells Lori not to get involved in the whole Beth suicide things. Lori gets up in her face about not helping out with the womanly duties around the farm. They yell, it's pretty silly. Andrea leaves and finds Maggie with Beth. She tells Maggie to take a breather and calm down. Maggie aquieses and leaves, leaving Beth and Andrea alone. Andrea understands what Beth is going through and gives her the opportunity to kill herself, which Beth gladly takes.

Randall has managed to free his legs but his arms are still an issue, still he's able to stab a zombie in the head repeatedly. He's actually doing better than Rick is with the whole stabbing thing. In a really cool looking scene Rick shoots three walkers though the skull who were laying on top of him. Shane meanwhile has gone off the deep end in the bus, cutting himself to attract the walkers. Was it to attract them to let Rick flee? Could Shane be turned? Who knows, either way it's pretty cool how he keeps with the whole stabbing thing inside the bus.

Meanwhile, Beth has taken Andrea up on her suicide offer. But it turns out killing yourself isn't as easy as it looks. Crying in pain, Maggie runs to her side as she hold up her sliced wrists. Lori and Andrea come into the room. Andrea tries to justify her actions, and her reasoning is actually pretty sound. Maggie will have none of it though and bans Andrea from the house.

Rick and Randall manage to free themselves from the walkers and beging to beat a hasty retreat when Rick stops to contemplate helping Shane. You can tell he's pretty divided on the matter. Shane sees Rick staring at him and beckons for his help. Rick turns and runs and for a brief moment it looks like Rick has left Shane for dead. But don't worry, Randall and Rick show up in the truck and save Shane's ass. They drive away, the kid thinks he's part of the group now...but wait, not so fast there junior. Before we know it the kid is back in the trunk and Rick and Shane are cruising down the highway. Shane staring at the window at a walker with a disturbed look on his face.

Very focused episode this week. The cast felt like it was cut in half. No Herschel, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Carl or Dale this week. The result was a much sharper show. Having the two concurrent story lines let each story develop fully. It makes for a much better show than when they try to shoe horn everyone into a single episode. Overall, another solid show, mostly away from the farm. The Rick and Shane stuff is great and there was some cool zombie stuff this week. The second half do season two is by far outpacing the first half and that is a good thing.

As always, thanks for reading...

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