The Top 5 Bad Guys We Love to Root For

What is is about evil that can be so appealing sometimes? Whether it's the wanton destruction, the blatant disregard for human life or the reckless abandon at which they pursue their victims, the bad guy always seems to be having the most fun. So who's the best of the best? Let's take a look:

Top 5 Horror Movie Bad Guys We Love To Root For:

Honorable Mentions:

Pamela Voorhees: one of the classic stalkers. She only really got one movie to shine, the original Friday the 13th, but her plight some how seemed to justify her actions. More sympathetic than someone we root for, but other than Adrienne King, those kids needed to be killed.

Jaws: the shark that made my mother in law vow to never set foot in natural body of water. Shes kept that vow. The first film actually had well developed adversaries to root for when they faced off against the shark. The sequels not so much, then it became about the thrill of the chase. You just wanted Jaws to eat some stupid people. Would have made the actual list if someone else hadn't perfected that tactic.

Freddy Kruger: people will probably be upset at the fact that Freddy didn't make the proper list. I can understand why. But for me, Freddy became more of an annoying cartoon character later in the series. I wasn't a fan of the one liners as much a most other people. If you dug it, then great, he should be near the top of your list.

5. Hannibal Lecter:

Everyones favorite cannibal first burst on to the screen in Micheal Manns underrated "Manhunter." But it wasn't until 1989s"Silence of The Lambs" that Lecter became the household name he is today. So suave, so sophisticated. He's the man we all really want to be, well except for the cannibalism. This is also one of those instances where the actor makes a world of difference. Anthony Hopkins is so good as Dr. Lecter that even though the movie is not really about him, he makes it about himself. You find yourself pining for him when he's not on screen. When he escapes at the end of lambs, it's creepy but gives us a feeling that justice has been done. Lecter isn't a bad guy, he just likes to eat people, we all have out faults.

4. Pinhead

Speaking of suave, cold, and razor sharp evil. Pinhead from the Hellraiser series certainly elicits a lot of emotions from viewers.
Visually he's much more exciting than any other "slashers." The introduction of BDSM into the genre is certainly a step up from dirty jeans and flannel shirts other slashers wear. So thanks for classing up the genre Clive. His growth from lead Cenobite to lead character in the series is a common thread amongst movie baddies, but there was so much more going on with Pinhead. Having been a victim of the box himself, there is an underlying sympathy for the character. It always feels that even though Pinhead is a vicious bastard, he's part of something bigger, it's not just about him. I think that why people feel a kinship to him. We all feel that sometimes we have to do shitty things, even to other people. Pinhead is just doing his job.

3. The Firefly Clan

There is almost nothing more disturbing than Otis P. Driftwood in Rob Zombies "House Of 1000 Corpses." The rest of his family isn't much better. To say they are fucked up would be an understatement. They possess very little in terms of redeeming qualities. So how did they end up at number three on the list? Rob Zombie made a sequel. In "The Devils Rejects" he was able to do something that not many filmmakers have been able to do. With one scene he's able to turn the clan of a murderous band of freaks into a family. That scene, where Otis and Baby fight over stopping for ice cream is a scene that any one, horror fan or not can identify with. It's at this point where the Firefly clan start to become the victims of this twisted fairy tale. By the climactic final scene we feel sorry for them. We've grown such an affinity for them over the last 45 minutes that when "Free Bird" starts to play and ensuing scene takes place, it's sad. All the evil, and fucked up actions they've committed over the period of the last movie and half is forgotten or at least forgiven as the car rides into a hail of gunfire.

2. Darth Vader

I know it's cheating since Star Wars is in no way a horror film. It's a film in which horrific events take place, but there is a difference. In a horror film things take place that are meant to deliberately scare you. Star Wars never set out to scare anyone. At it's core Star Wars is just a story about a boy and his father. But his father is AWESOME! Long before George Lucas turned Anakin Skywalker in to some emo, whiny piece of crap, Darth Vader was THE man. When I was younger I would watch the first two moves and I'd crow like I was supposed to, root for Luke, hate Vader, you know the deal. Something happened as I got older though. I realized Luke was kind of a wuss and Vader was the shit. His face turn at the end of Jedi not withstanding, Vader ruled the final three movies of the Saga. Just once I'd like him to take out the Emperor and say "Fuck it I'm running this shit now." Alas he never does, but whenever he chokes out an admiral with the force, it gives me that funny feeling in my tummy.

1. Jason Voorhees

Jason started out as a little boy who may or may not have pulled Adrienne King into Crystal Lake at the end of the first Friday the 13th. He watched his mother get beheaded and proceeded to spend the next 10 films (and one remake) exacting his revenge. Whether it was in or around Camp Crystal Lake, Camp Forest Green, New York City or even in space there seemed to never be a lack of stupid teens for Jason to kill. At first Jason started out as a mortal (?) guy in a burlap sack and overalls. What he became was the ultimate killing machine. Why do we root for him? Well at times early, but certainly after part 6 the whole franchise is about Jason and his kills. You go into those movies really just wanting to see how Jason is going to kill a group of morons. If there happened to be a fun story involved then great, if not at least there will be some fun killing. With Jason it's not just the amount of carnage it's how he kills that is always a piece of the puzzle. The plot is irrelevant, as long as we get to see Jason kill people in some ways we haven't seen before. That is what makes him number one on this list.

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