Quarantine 2: Terminal

Back in 2007, the independent Spanish horror film REC hit the festival scenes scaring audiences as it moved across the country. Inevitably the film was picked up by an American distributor, shortly after an english version of the film was released to US theaters. Starring Dexters' Jennifer Carpenter and Jay Hernandez (Hostel), the tale of a plague infecting the various residents of an LA apartment building was an effective enough remake to scare up 31 million dollars on a 14 million dollar budget. These numbers were apparently god enough to green light a sequel.

Just to clarify - Quarantine 2 has no connection to the Spanish only sequel Rec 2. Rec 2 picks up the second the first REC ended, where as Quarantine 2 takes the plague from the first film and moves it to a different setting - and that's where the problems begin.

Set the same night as the events in the original Quarantine, we are introduced to Jenny and Paula two flight attendants on a ridiculously small plane bound for Kansas City. From the beginning, the movie is very adept at setting up red herrings. We know that someone has brought something terrible on the plane but we're not quite sure who or what it is. The film does a great job of keeping you guessing early on - that's where most of the positives end.

One of the strengths the original film had going for it was its setting. The apartment building had a built in sense of claustrophobia going for it. As the characters climbed higher, the sense of dread increased. That sense of foreboding created by the setting is missing in this installment. Instead we are treated to the vast expanses of the bowels of an airplane hanger where bad guys pop out whenever convenient - regardless of the plot.

Taking on the Jennifer Carpenter - esque female lead this time is Mercedes Masohn. Where as Carpenter was vulnerable but still an intrepid bad ass. Mercedes' Jenny (an homage perhaps) vacillates between tough, take charge chick and whining, blubbering wuss depending on the scene. Even if the two scenes are juxtaposed to each other.

Still there are a couple of good gore spots throughout the film, including a needle in the eye spot that would make Lucio Fulci a bit queasy. Other than that most of the gore is pedestrian - it seems like it's recycled from the first film.

Overall, its a sequel - not as good as the original, but still not a bad film. If you like movies with dead folks biting the living or vomiting blood on everything then this is the type of the movie for you.

** out of 5

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