Weekend Morning SyverSinema Reviews

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the weekend morning SyverSinema Reviews. W=Every Sunday morning i will be posting short reviews on the films I've watched over the weekend.

Saturday Morning SyverSinema Presents:

Tucker and Dale VS. Evil (2010)

Starring: Tyler Labine (Dale), Alan Tudyk (Tucker), Katrina Bowden (Allison)

Directed by : Eli Craig

Written by : Morgan Jurgenson, Eli Craig

Lets put this out there right away : Tucker and Dale is NOT a horror film. It's a romantic comedy with a hell of a lot of blood and gore. That being said, it's still a hell of a good time. For a small Indy flick, it's well acted, well written and well directed. The editing does need some help however, as certain scenes just seem to drag. Labine as Dale is perfect as the lovable fat guy who manages to fall for the hot but sensitive blond. Tudyk is great as Dales straight man.

The plot follows Dale and tucker and they head off for a vacation of hunting, fishing and board games (?) at Tuckers recently purchased "dream vacation home." On the way they run into a group of college kids looking to go camping in their vicinity.The college kids, having watched too many horror film automatically assume Tucker and dale are trying to kill them. Once one of them actually disappears, all hell and hilarity breaks loose.

Overall Tucker and Dale is a fun time, if not a little over drawn.

4 Stars (out of Five)

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