SyverSinema Review : Parnormal Activiy 2

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Starring : Katie Featherston (Katie), Brian Boland (Daniel), Sprague Grayden (Kristi), Molly Ephraim (Ali)

Directed by: Tod Williams

Written By: Michael Perry, Christopher Landon, Tom Pabst and Oren Peli

The much anticipated follow up to the 2009 Indy mega hit, landed in theaters this past October with much more fan fare then its predecessor, but did it deserve it? Yes and No. Spoiled by many years of watching many sequels - the rule is the second film needs to be more - more everything- scares, blood, death...but PA2 avoids all of these cliches.

Following the exact same template as the first film we meet a nice family who begin to be haunted by some sort of demon - as the hauntings escalate, the family begins infighting amongst themselves and the tension increases. Much like the first film the scares begin with shadows and subtle noises before escalating to the inevitable physical confrontation.

Director Tod Williams gets very good performances out of Boland and Grayden as the set upon couple and a tremendous performance out of Ephraim as Daniels older daughter, Ali. The script is tight, but eerily similar to the first film, which is not necessarily a bad thing, after all the first one was extremely well written. There is a satisfying twist at the end but, unfortunately, it feels like the only truly original part of the film.

Bottom line - if you liked the first film - you will most likely like this film. If you didn't and thought the first film dragged and was "boring" then definitely avoid this one. Much like the first film, enjoy this one alone, with the lights out and in complete silence.

3 and a half stars (out of 5)

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