Saturday Morning SyverSinema

Saturday morning SyverSinema Presents : Lethal Eviction

Starring: Judd Nelson, Jennifer Carpenter, Stacy Dash, James Avery

Directed By: Michael Feifer

Written By: Gary Barkin

"Lethal Eviction" is supposed to be a who done it/psychological thriller set at the Grayson Arms apartment complex. Early on the landlord/caretaker (we're not sure which) is murdered. A few months later a new owner buys the building (Avery) and leaves his daughter (Dash) in charge of running it and forcing out those that are not paying enough rent. thus setting up the obvious red herring.

This film is a mess. The acting is atrocious. Nelson sleep walks through a part that, if it wasn't even included in the film would have been fine. Carpenter whose range goes from slightly annoyed to mildly perturbed seems shackled by one of the worst scripts in recent memory. Carpenter can act and emote just watch last season of Dexter and the last half hour of Quarantine. Dash seems just as confused as we are. Is she a suspect? Not even she is sure. And where does she go for the middle half hour of the film?

Even after the "twist" is revealed, the movie leaves you in a fog. Did Dash kill anyone? Is she the buildings owner or the landlord or the foreman or the maintenance man? How many alter egos does Carpenter have? Are all British men so stupid? So many questions, with no desire for answers.

1 star out of 5 - avoid at all almost all costs

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