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SUCK (2009)

Official Trailer:

Written/Directed - Rob Stefaniuk
Starring - Stefaniuk, Jessica Pare, Malcolm McDowell

SUCK is a Musical/Comedy/Vampire film that never does any one of those things well. This Canadian production is loaded with enough cameos to fill 2 Kevin Smith films, but meanders its way through some rather gaping plot holes and inane dialogue on its way to a rather middling movie experience.

Stefaniuk is passable as the lead singer/band leader of wuss rock band The Winners, who "Will do anything to make it big" - except play good music. Pare is o.k. and yes she is attractive (until she opens her mouth - those teeth are just monstrous) but her Liv Tyler light act wears thin after about 20 minutes. McDowell is phoning it in here, chewing scenery with no abandon as Vampire Hunter Eddie Van Helsing (get it?).

The cameos provide for some innocent fun along the way (Alex Lifeson as a border guard is quite the surprise, as is Moby as the Rob Halford-esqe lead singer of a competing band) but they can't pull the film out of its middling malaise.

SUCK looks great for a small indie film, Stefaniuk does a great job of hiding the productions limitations and is to be commended for it. He effectively uses changing color palates to illustrate the story...moving the tone of the film colder as the it progresses. The cut scenes, full of animation, reminiscent of both Rock Band and Euro Trip - two very cool things.

Overall SUCK isn't terrible. Put your brain on hold - if you don't you are cruelly and unusually punishing it. There are a couple of decent laughs and enough blood to satiate all but the most hard core gore fan. Just don't think too much, you might enjoy it.

Overall SUCK gets a solid : Thumbs in the Middle.

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