Review A Day Presents : MACHETE (2010)

MACHETE (2010)

Written by: Robert Rodriguez and Alvaro Rodriguez

Directed By: Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis

Starring : Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez and Robert De Niro

Born from the 2007 Double Feature PLANET TERROR (also directed by Rodriguez), MACHETE hurdles full bore into the hey day of New Yorks Grind House cinema before the opening credits even roll. Trejo stars an an ex-Federale left without a family after they are murdered by an expansionist drug dealer, played wonderfully by Steven Segal. Down on his luck and looking for work, Machete sneaks across the border hoping to find direction. After he gets picked up by Jeff Fahey for, what he thinks, is day labor work - all hell breaks loose.

The movie is certainly fun. Things get blown up, blood splatters, bullets fly, Lindsey Lohan has a threesome in a swimming pool with her on screen mother - certainly enough to keep someones attention. Rodriguez as writer/director, does a very good job of keeping the somewhat convoluted plot moving forward while at the same time given the promised gore/boobies/bullets quotient. Unfortunately, Rodriguez doesn't know when to say when. For a shoot 'em up action based film, it does become repetitive and start to drag, especially towards the end.

The other disappointment here is Trejo. He's a great character actor, hell, he's a great character in real life. But he seems over whelmed here. Maybe it's the size of the role or the talent in his supporting cast. He just never seems to take over the film the way a title star should. The film does have some tremendous performances. Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez star as antagonists who become allies. Shea Wingham, who first turned heads in the indie fright flick SPLINTER, is great as Jeff Faheys assistant, as is Segal playing the imperialistic drug dealer Torrez.

For the most part MACHETE delivers. Thumbs Three Quarters.

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