A Review A Day Presents : FROZEN (2010)

FROZEN (2010)

Written/Directed - Adam Green

Starring - Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell and Kevin Zegers

It's been written by other reviewers that FROZEN will do for skiing what JAWS did for swimming, and in a perfect world that would be true. Unfortunately, we live in a world where shiny Vampires and computer generated owls out draw anything decent at the American box office. That being the reality, FROZEN will never have the chance to make the cultural impact that the film its most compared to did and it's a shame because it's good enough to.

Written and directed by Adam Green, FROZEN is more of a character study then a horror film. Many will remember Green as the force behind the great 80's themed horror flick HATCHET, but FROZEN bears more a kin to his sophomore release, the criminally underrated SPIRAL. However whereas SPIRAL generously strays into the Argento/Hitchcock "wait what did I just see" territory, FROZEN sticks squarely in the "I can't believe what I'm seeing" realm.

Ashmore, Bell and Zengers are tremendous as three skiers who scam there way into "one more run" only to get stuck high on a Vermont ski lift after the resort closes for the week. Each one of the characters runs the gambit of emotions, but what's great about Greens script is that they don't all hit the same emotion at the same time. Green is not only able to capture the direness of the situation, but the characters reaction add a second level of uneasiness that keeps a movie that's extremely dialogue heavy from becoming boring and repetitive.

Despite the fact that it's shot on an actual ski lift in Park City, Utah, Green is able to keep the scope of the film so tight it's almost claustrophobic. Over half the film, is spent as a third or fourth wheel on the lift chair. Greens the ability to present a trapped, confined space in the midst of a wide open area is testament to his skill as a director.

It's a shame Lions Gate didn't believe mote in this picture and basically dumped it in a few theaters before giving it a small DVD release. It's a shame that too many of these types of films are now brushed aside in favor of anything with big explosions, 3D, or Reese Witherspoon.

Thumbs UP!

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