Wow! Recently Uncovered Fox News Internal Memo:

Recently uncovered by the Riot On Sunset news department - an internal memo on how to conduct interviews with those opposed to the hosts view point.

1. As host it's your job to introduce a topic and quickly state an opinion on it. There is no need for your opinion to be based in fact or reality, however if you can do that, all the better, but like has been stated it is not necessary.

2. Introduce your opposition guest. Your guest must be a low ranking official in the opposition to what ever you support. The closer to "intern" the better. In fact if a producer can actually book and intern to refute a hosts point, said producer will receive a 50 dollar bonus in their next paycheck.

3.Ask why guest would have the audacity to oppose your view point. Should guests answer meander anywhere close to a cognizant point, immediately interrupt them - remember the louder the better when interrupting.

4. If guest continues to attempt to answer question, begin yelling either the beginning half or the later half of the question at them. NEVER EVER yell the whole question back at them - you look like a mental patient when you do that. Remember people we have to have some modicum of credibility!

5. When guest finally gives up and shuts their yapper. Immediately turn to the camera looking more disgusted than if you'd just seen someone take a dump in the rotunda at the Reagan library, thank your guest for coming on (the best way to do this is through a roughly veiled swipe at their patriotism) and throw it to commercial.

This document is for internal use only. Recent attempts by MSNBC to copy this protocol have hit dangerously close to the mark. Remember don't let those bastards steal ore shit! Oh and remember to watch COPS Saturdays at 8 only on FOX!

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