Queensryche - Rage for Order

I am not a musician. I make no allusions to being one. All I know is when i hear something I know if I like it or not. This I like. I'm sure the instrumentation is great and the vocals, well Geoff Tates vocals are superb. But it's the songs, the songs are what make this disc great.

Queensryche would go on to bigger and more successful projects. The concept album/rock opera "Operation: Mindcrime" would become an instant classic. The follow up to "Mindcrime", "Empire" would vault them into the (ugh) pop stratosphere selling millions of copies. But it's on "Rage for Order" where everything comes together for the first time.

Earlier albums saw the boys from Seattle pounding away with a Judas Priest like urgency while hesitantly layering Pink Floyd like melodies and vocal textures. On "Rage" the band moves full tilt into the prog direction. Songs like "Gonna Get Close To You" and "I Will Remember" flush out the Floyd side of the band so well that even the most ardent Floyd haters won't notice.

Don't be fooled though, despite the experimentation, there is plenty for the metal heads. "Walk In The Shadows," "Surgical Strike" and "Screaming In Digital" all rock as hard as anything the band had done previously or since. This disc is a fitting precursor to what was to come from this great bands glory years.

4 stars out of 5

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