Saints of the Underground - review

Saints of the Underground – S/T

Jani Lane, the great glam enigma. Years before Celebrity Fit Club, rehab, and those countless doomed Warrant reunions, Jani ruled the world. Nobody and I mean nobody (Axl Rose, Butch Walker) wrote or still writes a hook like Mr. Lane. If only he could sort out his personal demons he would be able to move past that reputation which precedes him.

Early 2008, saw a brief glimpse of forward movement as Jani hooked up with Bobby Blotzer and Robbie Crane of Ratt to form a new "Supergroup." New music from Lane is always appreciated and the hooks do flow on this disc. It's catchy, it's fun, it's loose. And here in lies the main problem with the disc. Much like the first Brides of Destruction disc, these tunes sound like they simply released some demos they were working on.

It's clear this disc was a bit rushed. Shortly before its release Lane headed back to Warrant for another disastrous reunion and Stephen Pearcy rejoined Ratt making that group (somewhat) whole again. Perhaps time was an issue here for a small label hoping to cash in what little publicity the reunions would generate. But the labels intentions aside it's not an excuse for putting out an inferior sounding product.

Overall it's not a bad set. Lane can still write some great songs, although most songs on here only reach very good status. The cover of Tom Pettys' "American Girl" is the tightest sounding song on the disc which is back ended with "Jimmy" a song from lanes pre-Warrant days of Plain Jane. If you are a fan of the bands represented here this is fairly enjoyable. But if you are looking for the next Sixx A.M. disc, keep looking.

3 stars out of 5

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