EndeverafteR - Kiss or kill

EndeverafteR – Kiss or Kill

Holy Shit! This disc knocked my dick in the dirt.

But before I go on, just a bit of background about these guys. EndeverafteR was formed in '04 in LA by lead singer/guitarist Michael Grant. They released an EP in 2004 before securing a major label deal. They played the alphabet shuffle game thought the next couple years, eventually releasing their LP debut on Razor and Tie in 2007.

The debut LP by EndeverafteR is an inspired affair to say the least. This disc has everything any self respecting hard rock fan could ever want. Song subjects range from girls, to chicks, to fighting, to drinking; basically Grant covers all the necessary subject matters any glam fan would desire. Don't be fooled however, this isn't one of those discs where every song sounds the same. In fact it's the variety of song structures and pacing that keep this disc fresh after countless listens, and believe me I've lost count! Ranging from down and dirty sleaze ("baby, baby, baby") to Thin Lizzy inspired power pop ("all night") to tear jerking ballads for the ladies ("next best thing", "long way home") this disc has it all. The only misstep here, and it's a minor one at that, is the inclusion of "from the ashes of sin" a curious track that sounds more like Slipnot than Motley Crue. That's not to say the song is bad, it just feels wrong when listened to in sequence. Despite this mild incongruity it hardly takes away from the experience. In fact, this almost sounds like the disc Motley Crue has been trying to make since 1992.

It's Grant who emerges on this disc as a force to be reckoned with in the future. His vocals fit the bill whether he needs a rhythmic Phil Lynott type delivery or a gritty Corey Taylor style. For the most part however Grants vocals are very smooth and compare favorably with those vocalists he is inspired by. His guitar playing skills are also rather impressive; just listen to the solo at the end of "baby baby baby." What stands out most about this disc though is the writing. Sure it's a glam/sleaze/hard rock disc, but it doesn't feel like it. The songs are so well written that they cease to fit into any genre and are just "good songs"

In what is a great sign for those of us who love this type of music and have endured years of bands trying to escape the label or the scene, EndeverafteR seems to embrace it. They have toured with Poison and Cinderella and look to be enthused about it. There is not a hint of the irony that surrounded the Darkness, or the tongue in cheek elements that surround the Swedish bands dominating the scene now. EndeverafteR are dead serious, and are having a hell of a lot of fun being that way.

Hop in the car, turn all the windows down, crank up this disc and piss everyone off!!!

4 ½ stars out of 5

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